Travolution Conference Round Up – Post 2/2

November 9, 2006

I also wanted to share my notes from John Bray’s presentation from Travolution@WTM. John is with PhocusWright and presented on Travel 2.0.

He began with some tenets and myths of Travel 2.0:


  • (Finally) realise the power of the internet to do very traditional travel support activities
  • Provide complete transparency
  • Gather and assimilate information not previously possible
  • Factor predictor information into query results


  • Just about start ups
  • Only about technology
  • Only applies to those born after 1984
  • Is only about yet another channel shift
  • A fad
  • Only applies to intermediaries

I apologise if I made any errors in this list – my handwriting is appalling and I am relying on my notes.

Whilst the list includes nothing new perse and is not comprehensive – it needn’t be. I think the list provides a really nice introduction for marketers to think about how web 2.0 concepts apply to travel and to think about how business is evolving.

Something John said that I am not sure I agree with is that Travel 2.0 is about monetising the delivery, not the content. I didn’t get a chance to ask him to clarify this comment but I am not sure this is true. Is advertising supported content monetising the delivery? One of the big challenges of RSS is how to monetise content when your content is not even consumed on your site. You aren’t even really “delivering” it – the consumers is subscribing but only reading when and if she wants.

One last thing to mention that I thought made a really nice summary and insight into video content – “think about how qualified a prospect is after interacting with your brand through rich media”. The


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