Vegetarian Restaurant in Edinburgh

November 27, 2006

I spent the weekend in Edinburgh. David Bann‘s vegetarian restaurant was recommended to me by the kind hosts at my B&B. I had:

  • Thai fritters: “Aromatic, spicy fritters of smoked tofu, peas, ginger, green chilli, lime, sesame and potato. Served with fresh mango chutney and a roast garlic tomato sauce.”
  • and the Dosa: “Aromatic vegetable curry in a savoury rice pancake. Served with a fresh yoghurt raita salad in a popadom basket with a sweet banana chutney.”

The Dosa was huge – but both were really yummy. In particular, the Thai fritters were lovely – moist and really unique and, well just really nice.My mother teased me about my trip to Edinburgh – asking if I’d eat Haggis. When she visited Scotland 20 years ago, there weren’t many vegetables on the menu. Things have changed. It’s a very veggie friendly city. The B&B I stayed in (Cluaran House) was lovely if a bit far from the center of town.

I climbed Arthur’s Seat and recommend it to anyone. It was a nice walk and the second (higher) peak reminded me that I am in really bad physical condition. Time to join a gym…


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