Arrived in Tokyo – Fresh Edamame for Breakfast

June 12, 2007

Kenn and I arrived in Tokyo yesterday from London. We had spent the last 10 days in Tolouse visiting Robert and Rachel and the family near Montfa. We then took the train via Geneva to Zurich and Rushlikon for the annual conference that Kenn attends hosted by Harvard’s KSG and Swiss Re.

Last night after settling in to our corporate apartment in Azabu Juban, we went straight to the mobile phone stores. Docomo and AU had terrible stores, Softbank was great (complete with a salesman with a perfect American accent who likened Soft Bank to T-mobile… cheap but not as good coverage). Sadly, we will get a very basic phone if we rent – which we need to do until we have our alien registration cards. We did see a phone that was streaming television onto a screen about the size of the iPod – along with a big antenna.

Other than that, most phones looked the same as in Britian. The big difference was the lack of “smart” phones. Soft Bank had one – the windows based web ‘n walk. It’s a brick…

We’re going video camera shopping today so the next post will include photos.

We had a fantastic dinner – brown buckwheat soba at a place that’s been hand making their own Soba for several generations. Accompanied by veggie tempura (including lotus) and cold bean curd. The bean curd was really remarkable. Cold fresh bean curd in a dipping sauce with ginger, wasabi and scallions.

Other notable things… Scantily clad girls promoting race cars and restaurants. Fresh edamame which I cooked up for breakfast after pulling the pods off the stalk.


2 Responses to “Arrived in Tokyo – Fresh Edamame for Breakfast”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Hi Heather

    Going to Tokyo in a week and I thought the soba and bean curd place sounded wonderful. If they’ve been going for generations they might still be around.

    PS Staying in Ueno district

  2. Bruce Says:

    PPS Meant to ask if you remembered where they were or a name. Will have to check out the edamame and I’m sure there’ll be plenty.
    Thanks Heather


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