Future of the Pizza

June 17, 2007

With tummies growling in Ginza, we ducked into the Printemps department store for a bite to eat. Department stores are famed for their incredible food halls and we couldn’t remember which had good eats. Printemps was close so we tried. The food hall was small, but one of the few stalls was a Cono Pizza joint with – as you might expect – pizza served in a cone. The tagline “The Future of Pizza” caught my eye and so I ordered a “Yasai Pizza o kudasai” (vegetable pizza please).

The guy making the pizzas picked up a cone shape of dough and then filled it with cheese, tomato sauce, mushrooms and other vegetables. He then put it into an ice cream like holder (but in metal). The pizza was then rotated on a conveyor belt into an oven and around in a circle. When it came out the other side, it was ready.

To continue the cone theme, I enjoyed a green tea and vanilla ice cream cone with sweet red beans and some tapioca balls.

Not a traditional Japanese lunch, but yummy and novel nonetheless.

More photos here…



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