Tour of Odaiba and Asakasa

June 20, 2007

Today, I hopped on the monorail (“New Train”) from Daimon out to Odaiba. The train crosses a beautiful suspension bridge over Tokyo Harbour. Odaiba is home to the *famous* replica of the Statue of Liberty (I say seemingly famous as there were many Japanese looking tourists taking photographs) as well as malls and theme parks. I headed for the water – which is lovely and includes a beach! There was some sort of shoot going on for models so lots of girls in bikinis acting natural (playing volleyball on the beach). After the shoot, they all scurried back under their parasols.

Sadly, it seems the water is not clean enough for swimming, but the beach is lovely and quiet.

I then ventured around the park and over the “dream bridge” which isn’t dreamy in the least! In fact it’s pretty ugly.

I will definitely return though, as the museum of technology and innovation is hidden behind a big construction site. I was a bit knackered today – chock it up to the heat (oh, and being 7 months pregnant)!

I caught a boat to Akasuka after my walk. The boat looked like a hovercraft out of a James Bond film. It was very slick with windows all over the place. The announcements (which I couldn’t understand) sounded hilarious in a high pitched very Hello Kitty kind of voice. There were also cardboard cut outs of anime characters around the boat. As usual, more picture on Flickr….

statue-of-liberty.jpgBoat Tour Odaiba to Asakusa


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