Tokyo Embarrasing Moment #16

June 27, 2007

This is my first in a series of Tokyo Embarrassing Moments. I am starting at #16 as there are at least 15 other faux pas to precede this one… Kenn and I were at the apartment of Kenn’s colleague in Tokyo. I needed to use the toilet – as I do every five minutes since being pregnant. I could not figure out how to flush the damn thing. There was this high tech console on the wall beside the toilet but nothing that looked remotely like flush. I could spray myself in all sorts of directions, change the water temperature, play music, adjust the volume, but flush? Nope. There were also no visible levers or buttons on the bowl… Nothing!

I had to sheepishly return to the living room, wait for a pause in conversation before asking Dom how to flush… There were two buttons on the top of the console – one for big flush and one for small flush. However, it is good I didn’t take a guess. The more embarrassing thing would have been if I’d hit the button on the wall below the console that sets off the alarm in the building. Dom, polite as ever, assured me that *had I* hit the emergency button, I would not have been the first….

The lesson in all this: better not to flush than to hit the panic button.


One Response to “Tokyo Embarrasing Moment #16”

  1. Nobody Important Says:

    That is funny! I think he should get stickers to put on the buttons marking them as flushes, or at least marking the alarm button!

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