Blasty is Head Down – Cause for Celebration

July 3, 2007

I have kept this a bit quiet of late, but Blasty (the name of the fetus growing in my belly) was breech when we went for our last check-up. She’s been the perfect little fetus for the past 7 months, but traveling nearly half way around the world must have disoriented her and she flipped.

Good news – she flipped back and is squarely head down in a perfect delivery position.

She is also taking after her mother… she is off the charts! She is the size of a “full-term” baby (by Japanese standards) and the doctor warned me that she will be a big baby – likely well over 8 lbs. You go girl! We are 31 weeks but she is four weeks over in the growth charts. Her estimated weight now is 2521 grams, putting her at 5.6 pounds.

Kenn and I are off to celebrate at “our place” in Ochanomizu where they make a killer parsley tempura.

Update – here’s a rough image of the scan. You can see the average line for growth and the highs and lows. That dot off in space is Blasty. 🙂 I realise it’s not a great image, but you get the point!



2 Responses to “Blasty is Head Down – Cause for Celebration”

  1. Hurrah – parsley tempura all round! Glad to hear all is well…

  2. I hope everything works out well for you. My aunt was in the same position as you.

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