Earthquake & Typhoon

July 18, 2007

We had what would otherwise be a dream assignment – to find the best patisserie in Tokyo. Kenn was given a budget and we were charged with scouring Tokyo for Japanese pastries. We set out Saturday morning for Ginza, the ritzy shopping area, appetites at the ready. Sadly, the typhoon struck Saturday and what should have been a heavenly assignment left us drenched! The wind was blowing rain upwards, so the shirt over my round belly was soaked through.


We sampled all sorts of “eyeballs” and other gelatinous treats. The strangest was my pick… after which I was promptly fired. A ball of azuki (red bean) paste with jelly things served with brown sugar syrup.

We retreated to the foodhall in Matsuyoma, a Ginza department store, and checked the food hall. We did find a promising bakery and after waiting in line for 30 minutes, Kenn put in our order. Sadly, he mixed up the words for one and two (hitori and futatsu) and so we got two of every gelatinous goodie. They are still in the fridge.

Tokyo PastryTokyo Pastry 2

The rain subsided Sunday afternoon and Monday we experienced our first and second earthquakes. We didn’t actually feel the first one, but the second one hit when I was on a call with the Hitwise Marketing & Research team in NY. The house swayed and creaked. Nothing too dramatic. I raced into the other room and asked Kenn if it was an earthquake. Neither of us were certain until the next day when we saw the news. Our friend Leo Lewis happened to be near the Nuclear Reactors in the North and wrote a nice piece for the Times Online.

To find out what we picked as the best patisserie – you will need to pick up the next issue of Intelligence Life from The Economist…


One Response to “Earthquake & Typhoon”

  1. Sandra Says:

    hey glad to hear you’re safe!

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