Kamakura and Daibatsu Hike

August 20, 2007

Kenn and I needed to get some fresh air (it’s been stinking hot in Tokyo – hovering around 40 degrees) and so headed to Kamakura to see the “great buddha”, Daibatsu. We got off the train at Kita Kamakura, one stop short of Kamakura on the advice of guidebooks and friends. Kamakura is filled with shrines and temples and the walk between stations offers the opportunity to visit several.We visited one set of temples just off the train from Kita Kamakura. There were several buildings with thatched roofs, which reminded me of English cottages.

We then found the hiking trail which follows a ridge through the park and then over to Kamakura. It was a lovely walk. We felt like we were close to wilderness – big trees, lots of greenery. All within an hour of Tokyo. The walk took about 2 hours and was more challenging than we expected, but well worth it. We hopped a taxi upon arriving in Kamakura for Rei Tei, a soba place suggested by a friend.

Rei Tei is tucked away in a garden and serves wonderful soba dishes. We had tempura and soba and tea and enjoyed the view. We then entered “mosquito-ville” otherwise known as the garden. There was a particularly nice trail with lots of bamboo and several Buddha sculptures along the path.

We then went to Daibatsu, pictured above. An impressive bronze sculpture – the largest bronze in Japan, if I am not mistaken.

This will be our last hike before Blasty arrives. Was good to do one trip before the kid arrives to be reminded of how easy the trains are in Japan. We took a train to Yokohama and caught our connection without even changing platforms.

Bamboo at Rei Tei


One Response to “Kamakura and Daibatsu Hike”

  1. Sounds idyllic – thanks for sharing!

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