Happo-en Horn Hider

September 20, 2007

We visited the lovely Happo-en gardens recently. After a wonderful lunch, we visited the tea room for some whipped ocha and sweets and wandered around the gardens. Weddings are big business in Tokyo and Happoen is a popular spot for celebrations. We asked our Japanese hosts the significance of the womans hat. The story is too good… It’s called “tsuno kakushi” or “horn hider”. As you’d expect – it is a hat to hide the woman’s horns from her betrothed until after the ink is dry.

The gardens feature bonsai that are hundreds of years old sprinkle the pathways (see picture of Kenn and bonsai below). Being from Canada I always think of ancient trees as being enormous. Of course, not so with bonsai. The pond features enormous yellow, white and orange carp.

Bonsai Happo-en


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