Luxembourg Gardens and Jardin d’Acclamation

July 26, 2009

We arrived safe and sound in Paris two days ago and the worst of jet lag seems to be behind us. The weather is lovely and cool here (it’s late July!). I even had to buy a pair of jeans as I was a bit too cool.

Our first day we headed to the Luxembourg Gardens. Bean loved the ducks in the pond (and the croissant from Gerard Mulot). We stumbled across a fantastic play area for kids. Entrance fees area about 2,60 for adults and 1,60 for children (sorry can’t remember exact sums). I was a bit annoyed at the charge but as soon as we started to play, the fee seemed well worth it. It’s a very clean facility with great climbing structures and a huge sandbox. Bean loved the spinning red wheel and the sand pit most.

Today we were at Parc Monceau in the 8th (minutes from D and K’s flat). There’s a lovely big sandbox and two climbing structures. Nice layout and lots of shade. There’s also a second sand pit by the duck pond that is really sweet. There were even some baby ducks and some mating pigeons. The birds get more action in Paris too…

After nap, we headed to Jardin d’Acclimmation. Closest metro is Sablons – clearly marked from station (ligne 1). There’s also a cute train from Porte de Maillot. Crazy amusement park hell at the entrance but at the back there’s a sweet zoo with pigs, chickens, vaches, donkeys, a white swan and loads of goats and sheep. Bean LOVED the pigs!

There’s also a fantastic water area with things that spray water. But bring sunscreen. There’s no shade in sight.

We finished the with an apperatif and then came home for girolles fried in butter with pasta, butter and parmesan. Bean loved the “champignons”!


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